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5 stars 5
I'm so happy I went to Dr. Updegraff I have been wanting to do LASIK for 10 years. Dr. Updegraffs staff is so professional and even let me watch someone (with their permission) get their eyes done so I knew what to expect. There were 3 people in the room. Dr. Updegraff, his assistant and a hand holder. Dr Updegraff talked to you thru the entire process and even did count downs with how much longer something was going to take. The hand holder. All I know is her name was Danielle. She was amazing, because I have never been so quiet and still for my entire life. LOL As soon as the surgery was over, they sat me up, and immediately I could see time on the clock! I was -6.75 I can't believe the results, and I'm so happy. Someone I knew who lives in MN, had their eyes done the week before me. She said she hated it, and 5 days later she couldnt see! If anything, after hearing her experience, I knew what I was getting into with Dr. Updegraff that her horror story actually made me even more confidant with my choice. These are your eyes people! Not tires. Go with the best! Hes the top 5 in the COUNTRY, if not #1.

5 stars 5
Updegraff is a great place for LASIK. They are very efficient and organized. Every visit was quick to get in and out. The surgery itself was easy. Dr. Updegraff narrated the entire procedure and that really put me at ease. I'm very happy with my results and would recommend to anyone considering LASIK to visit Dr. Updegraff.

5 stars 5
This is a review for Lasik consultation only, not the procedure. The procedure will be reviewed separately. -------------------------------------- After weeks of researching online and asking everyone I know who had gotten Lasik, I decided to get consultations from Updegraff Vision, LasikPlus and Eye Institute of West Florida. Here's the break down: Consultation: 1) LasikPlus 2) Updegraff 3) Eye Institute The consultation at LasikPlus was wonderful. Lisa, the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, was great from beginning to end. Here, you get only one assistant who performs all the measurements and even tells you the cost at the end. The part I like the most about my consultation is that Lisa explained to me what each piece of equipment measures as she's about to perform that measurement. At Updegraff and Eye Institute, no explanation was given, and I was being handed from one assistant to another. At Updegraff, each machine is placed is separate rooms, so I was constantly in a room, then wait area, back into a room, then wait area, and so forth. Also, whatever drops that were used for dilating my eyes, I was told that they would be extra strong. Well, they were strong alright because it took me 2 days to gain my normal sight back. The worst 24 hrs ever because I couldn't see my phone at all to use! As far as getting ready for the procedure and afterwards, if you choose LasikPlus or Eye Institute, there'll be medications you'll have to get. Prescriptions will be given when you schedule your appt. Updegraff, on the other hand, has all the drops for you in a kit. No need for you to go to the pharmacy. I like this convenience. Meeting doctor who will perform the procedure: 1) Updegraff 2) Eye Institute 3) LasikPlus (did not meet doctor) Towards the end of 2 consultations, Updegraff and Eye Institute, I did get to meet the doctor. Dr Updegraff did some sort of measurement and approved me for Lasik, but seemed a bit in a hurry. Dr Robert Weinstock also did some sort of measurement and approved me. Although, at one point I wasn't sure what was going on because I was never told what happened, but 2 other doctors came into the room and gave me the same measurement. The assistant said something along the line of them making triple sure everything is accurate, but it didn't feel right. I already knew I wouldn't get my procedure done here so I didn't press on. At LasikPlus, and based on my research all LasikPlus across the country, the patients don't get to meet the doctor until the day of the procedure. After the assistant was done with certain measurements, I was asked to wait to see Dr Petit O.D. He did some more measurements and approved me for Lasik. But he's not the one who's going to do the procedure, instead Dr Groden will, though I won't see him until the day of. Due to this reason in the end I ruled out LasikPlus. Condition of office and equipment: 1) LasikPlus 2) Updegraff 3) Eye Institute LasikPlus was a cleanest and the machines looked clean. Updegraff was also clean, but some machines had signs of wear and tear. Eye Institute's building is huge from the outside, but once inside It looks like the reception and waiting areas take up most of the space. The rooms I was in were small and cramped with equipment. The equipment also seemed worn out due to usage but the users not taking care of them well. Cost: 1) LasikPlus 2) Updegraff 3) West Institute LasikPlus had a promo at the time, so my procedure would have costed around $4,000. Updegraff first told me it'd be $5,200, but after I said my friends have gotten it cheaper here, I was given a 15% discount, so final bill was $4,420. West Institute was around $5,000. I was most disappointed at how this place handled the cost issue. After all the measurements were done, I asked the assistant how much it'd cost. She said that someone else handles that part so told me to wait in the waiting area. A few minutes later a lady called me in to her office and proceeded to schedule an appt for the procedure and was about to hand me the prescriptions needed to be filled. I was like, Ummm, how much does it cost? She then finally told me. Closest to home, easier for follow-ups: 1) Updegraff 2) LasikPlus 3) Eye Institute Updegraff is the closest to my house, making it so much easier for someone to drive me to the follow-up appt the next day. Also, Updegraff has a car service that will pick you up and/or drop you off if you need it. I nice gentleman did just that for me the day of my appt. I ruled out Eye Institute immediately because I didn't feel like I was treated as a valued patient. I was then torn between LasikPlus and Updegraff. In the end I chose Updegraff Vision because I met and was examined by Dr Updegraff during my consultation. What drove me away from LasikPlus was not meeting the doctor until the day of the procedure.

5 stars 5
It has been 9 months since I had my laser surgery done from Dr. Updengraff. He did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend him to anybody. A little about me, I have been wearing glasses since for over 25 years. I am very sensitive and hate anybody or anything touching my eyes. For that reason I could never wear contacts. I can't stand anybody, including myself, touching my eyes. Dr. Updegraff and his staff was very patient with me and was able to get past my sensitivity of being touched on the eye. For a couple months after the surgery, I did have to put drops in my eyes, but was able to learn to tolerate this. There are a couple different types of eye surgeries. Due to my sensitivity, he couldn't do the most common one, but the method he used worked just fine. As for my sight, I can't tell you how great it is to not have to wear glasses. I love it. It seems like I see things now that I never could see when I wore my glasses.

5 stars 5
Although I've had no trouble putting contacts in daily for over a decade, the thought of having my eyes cut was terrifying. Since I didn't sleep in contacts and have a young child, waking up in the middle of the night meant stumbling around or knocking everything off the bedside table looking for my glasses. My husband encouraged me to look more seriously at LASIK as my current stash of new contacts dwindled. I had been looking at different LASIK located for some time but hadn't made the step to go to a consultation. Meeting Dr U during the consult put me completely at ease. I didn't feel that our time was rushed and he answered all of my questions thoroughly. I was impressed that he had developed some of the technology used in Lasik over the years. The procedure a week later went smoothly and calmly, thanks in part to the muscle relaxer they prescribe you beforehand 😉 A week later my vision was a little worse then 20/20, with some dry eyes. A month later my dry eyes were mostly gone, and my vision was a little better then 20/20, about 20/17. I don't know what my old 20/? was, but my contacts were -4.50. I still use rewetting drops maybe once per day, but before LASIK, anytime I took my contacts out my eyes would feel dry, so I think some of that is just my eyes not used to being exposed directly to air 99% of the waking day. LASIK with Dr Updegraff was a great experience and I should have done it years ago!

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