Patient Testimonials

5 stars 5
Thank you, Dr. Updegraff, for the gift of sight without glasses! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Updegraff and his staff. Simply the best! From the small details of wiping down the machines in front of the patient (so we know it is clean), to the hand-holder during surgery, the whole experience is pleasant (even though it's not something you want to do!)He has a busy practice, yet takes the time to get to know each person and makes you feel like you're not just a commodity. He delights in restoring vision. When I had my cataract surgery this week, there was a gentleman from New Orleans who had traveled here just so Dr. Updegraff could do the surgery with the new Simfony lenses (which are so amazing - you can now have both distance and near vision, and it cures presbyopia!). I'm still adjusting because my old prescription was so strong, and magnified everything...but I am ecstatic so far!The procedure itself is really painless. And it's over in just a few minutes. The after-care is a drag, but hey, it's worth it to have 20/25 vision after a lifetime of 20/200. Wow!

5 stars 5
The Best Ever!

5 stars 5
If you've ever thought about getting LASIK, go see Dr. Updegraff. Call his office right now and set up a free consultation. You'll be glad you did. Dr. Updegraff did my surgery two weeks ago, and it has completely changed my life and made me a happier person. Not only can I see better than I ever could with glasses, I feel more present and alert, like I'm seeing the world for the first time.I had three main concerns when I finally got fed up with wearing glasses for almost 20 years and decided to look into LASIK.1. Will the surgery hurt? I've never had any type of surgery before and the thought of anything touching my eyes made me nauseous, but reviews by other patients said the procedure is quick and painless, and they were right. The whole thing was over before I knew it, and there were only brief moments of mild discomfort. Hearing Dr. Updegraff's soothing voice talk me through everything made me relax, and having someone hold my hands the entire time was very comforting.2. Can I trust the doctor? If someone's going to do anything with my eyes, they better know what they're doing! Dr. Updegraff is one of the best LASIK surgeons in the world, and he even earned patents on LASIK technologies. You're in great hands with Dr. Updegraff, and I'm so grateful that he has a practice in my city.3. Can I afford it? Dr. Updegraff has a no-interest financing option so you can get the surgery now and make monthly payments in a schedule that fits your budget. This allowed me to get the surgery immediately without having to save up money for years first.To top it all off, Dr. Updegraff's staff are some of the most friendly, helpful, and caring professionals I've ever met. They made me feel like I was their most important patient.Many thanks to Dr. Updegraff and his team!!!

5 stars 5
I became a patient of Dr. Updegraff in 2011 and want to tell everyone how professional, caring, timely, and talented Updegraff's staff and service is!! Seeing is believing! Thankful for awesome eyesight! Kathleen of Clearwater Beach, FL.

5 stars 5
Wonderful! Dr. Updegraff and his staff couldn't be nicer. The most comprehensive and professional experience I've ever known.

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