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5 stars 5
Very impressed with covid care and professionalism!

5 stars 5
This was our first visit to Updegraff Laser Vision. My husband and I had back-to-back appointments. The staff is friendly and upbeat,and I thought Lizzie was special as she put me totally at ease as a new patient. Dr. Behn is impressive as a dry eye specialist! He listened to my dry eye care plan and thought it was really goodI use Walgreens Eyelid Pads; Systane Complete drops at least twice a day and nighttime lubricant every night.As for my husband, he was concerned that an ophthalmologist had diagnosed him with early macular degeneration, which he firmly believes is not the case! He proved to my husband, who is a retired physician, why it wasnt so. That was a worry that should not have weighed on him!So, it wasnt difficult to make the transition to this most professional group!Kathleen M.

5 stars 5
So excited I can see without any hassle!!! Everyone was wonderful and so helpful and as excited as me!! The staff and Dr. really care and make everything as comfortable as possible. Best birthday present ever!!!

4 stars 4
Dr Updegraff is very capable and has a wonderful bedside manner. The operating staff was superb and was always letting me know what was going on. The reason I did not give them a 10 was due to key information no shared with me at the onset, nor the customer service I expected from them during the follow up. Someone dropped the ball and details that were critical to understand prior to the surgery resulted in a sleepless weekend and thinking my eyesight surgery was an unrecoverable failure.

5 stars 5
I cannot day enough good things about Updegraff laser vision center. He did my Lasik 27 years ago which lasted until I developed a cataract. Dr Updegraff replaced my cloudy lens with a new one and I am back up 20-20 again, He and his staff are the very best in the business. I drove from LUTZ to St Pete because of that and I would do it again to get this fabulous result.

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