Patient Testimonials

5 stars 5
Life Changing!! - Incredible!!Cataracts are like the proverbial "frog in the saucepan" analogy - 'baby steps'. You don't notice the increments of blindness till it becomes life threatening [i.e., driving at night].Went for a eyeglasses Rx exam that the optician said your cataracts have progressed - get them fixed before a new prescription can be issued. My left eye was, in my estimation, now bordering on "legally blind".Only after my left eye was fixed at Updegraf, did I realize that what I THOUGHT was my "good eye" also really bad, just not AS bad.If you are as bad as I was, cataract surgery will be a strange experience. Everything will suddenly seem brighter, color "temperature" will change [Google it], your glasses will no longer work. It's worth every penny, worth any effort.These people work miracles, and the entire staff was pleasant and professional.

5 stars 5
The entire team is great!

5 stars 5
Very professional and friendly and most of all thorough with the exam ! Highly recommend them !

5 stars 5
I have been a patient at Updegraff Vision for over 12 years. Best decision I made regarding my failing vision and getting my quality of life back. Dr. Updegraff and his team are top notch and highly skilled. The long term follow up care with Dr. Behn is clear, concise and he takes the time to explain my progress and addresses all my questions and concerns. This team, from the office members, technicians, assistants and doctors are consistently at the top of their profession. You will not be disappointed. This comes from a patient that went through a lot to get the vision I have today and even so, I would not change one thing about my decisionexcept maybe, doing it sooner than I did. Thank you Dr Updegraff, Dr. Behn and the wonderful team for giving me my quality of life back! I will always be grateful.

4 stars 4
Major Warehouse eye surgery place not a lot of seats in the waiting room just wait outside however the nurses are outstanding and the gift of vision is priceless the only thing I could improve on is the paint in the bathroom and the fact that they want money up front even before they have surgery

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