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5 stars 5
I have lived wearing contacts and eyeglasses since I was 8 years old, I am now 35 and I finally got the guts to get Lasik . I had been scared of it my whole life. I had heard Updegraff was the best around, not cheapest but best. {Not going the cheap route and looking for discounts on my vision!} I had Lasik done 4 months ago here, and it has been amazing!!! My site is 20/15!!! Great experience all around!! 1. Staff was amazing, friendly and always took time to talk and answer any questions I've had. 2. Updegraff met with me and addressed any questions and concerns I had the week before and also 3 times now since in 4 months! He has been great! Love the follow up appointments since, they continuously keep having you come in and make sure your eyes are healing perfect. Feels great having them watch over your eyes in the healing process!!! 3. Office is clean, large, comfortable & easy to get in and out of. 4. My appointments had very little if any wait time. GREAT EXPERIENCE ALL AROUND! BIG THANK YOU TO UPDEGRAFF AND STAFF FOR MAKING MY EXPERIENCE SO WONDERFUL AND GIVING ME BETTER THAN PERFECT VISION!!! BEST Money ever spent on myself. Would absolutely recommend Updegraff laser Lasik to anyone wanting perfect vision! They have been AMAZING!

5 stars 5
The very best LASIK surgeon in the state of Florida. I was -900 instead of 20/20 and was given vision thanks to the doctor who is gifted. If ever I should need any more eye problems solved I know where to go.

5 stars 5
The place and the people are everything you have heard about and excpect from a place/Dr. with their reputation. Staff is excellent, service is top notch, Dr takes his time to make you comfy and ensure you understand everything you need to know. Im 8 days out from having PRK (my corneas were too think and Lasik would have been minutely risky) and so far so good. Not fully healed yet but I can see almost perfectly. The procedure was super quick and easy and the week following only brough minor discomfort on a few days. Overall I am very satisfied with Updegraff, the procedure and the results.

5 stars 5
Dr. Updegraff and his staff have been an exemplary health care provider that I am truly ecstatic about. My vision is now better than ever before, and especially night vision has improved a lot. Almost everything went just as they said it would, on schedule they told me about during consultation. The Dr. performed the consult himself and I felt great about going to them, felt like they really knew what they were doing. I might have found a cheaper option but could not have found better, and it's the only 2 eyes I have. I have to do a follow up enhancement and they have been happy to schedule it, but only when my eyes are ready. Strong recommend for them, I'll bring my kids when they're old enough!

5 stars 5
Dr. Updegraff is AWESOME! His staff is friendly, caring, understanding, patient and wonderful! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs eye surgery. I rate Updegraff Laser Vision a 10+!

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