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5 stars 5
God bless Dr. Updegraff and his staff! I just had cataract surgery with the new Simfony lenses - I'm still adjusting to them, but so far I am thrilled. I've had a very strong prescription for most of my life. I now have 20/25 vision, and Dr. Updegraff says it will only get better in time. He is just amazing. I don't know how he does it - he has so many patients, but he remembered me after a year went by before I decided to go through with the surgery. I know he wasn't faking because he mentioned a detail from our previous visit. I doubt that detail was in the record. Anyway, the staff works like a well-oiled machine. Everything runs so smoothly. The procedure takes just a few minutes, and you won't feel a thing. Dr. Updegraff has a soothing voice, and his assistant holds your hand and counts down the seconds so you know when it's going to end. The best part of this is, I don't need glasses, and I have complete peripheral vision from not having the glasses. The worst part? I still have the haloes around lights in the evening. I am hoping this will correct itself - but Dr. Updegraff said that laser surgery is included if he needs to tweak the vision later. Dr. Updegraff clearly cares about his patients, and is delighted to bring them the gift of sight. People come from all over the country to have him operate on their eyes. The day I was there, a gentleman had come from New Orleans. I cannot recommend Dr. Updegraff any more highly.

5 stars 5
The Best Ever!

5 stars 5
Had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Updegraff and couldn't be happier. Would highly recommend him to anyone

5 stars 5
Planned on doing my due diligence with laser surgery and had made appointments w/ Updegraff and a competitor in Tampa. Very impressed w/ the staff at Updegraff. After an initial consultation w/ Updegraff, cancelled the Tampa appt. and had laser surgery on my right eye several days later. It was about as difficult to undergo as a tooth cleaning; maybe because they provided me a Valium. Had perfect vision that afternoon, donned a mask and went spearfishing the next day. At 55 y/o, I had used a contact lens in my right eye and none in my left which allowed for vision both closeup and at a distance (monovision). Worked well w/ the contact and works even better w/ the lasik vision. Couldn't be more pleased.

5 stars 5
If you've ever thought about getting LASIK, go see Dr. Updegraff. Call his office right now and set up a free consultation. You'll be glad you did. Dr. Updegraff did my surgery two weeks ago, and it has completely changed my life and made me a happier person. Not only can I see better than I ever could with glasses, I feel more present and alert, like I'm seeing the world for the first time.I had three main concerns when I finally got fed up with wearing glasses for almost 20 years and decided to look into LASIK.1. Will the surgery hurt? I've never had any type of surgery before and the thought of anything touching my eyes made me nauseous, but reviews by other patients said the procedure is quick and painless, and they were right. The whole thing was over before I knew it, and there were only brief moments of mild discomfort. Hearing Dr. Updegraff's soothing voice talk me through everything made me relax, and having someone hold my hands the entire time was very comforting.2. Can I trust the doctor? If someone's going to do anything with my eyes, they better know what they're doing! Dr. Updegraff is one of the best LASIK surgeons in the world, and he even earned patents on LASIK technologies. You're in great hands with Dr. Updegraff, and I'm so grateful that he has a practice in my city.3. Can I afford it? Dr. Updegraff has a no-interest financing option so you can get the surgery now and make monthly payments in a schedule that fits your budget. This allowed me to get the surgery immediately without having to save up money for years first.To top it all off, Dr. Updegraff's staff are some of the most friendly, helpful, and caring professionals I've ever met. They made me feel like I was their most important patient.Many thanks to Dr. Updegraff and his team!!!

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