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5 stars 5
Dr. Updegraff and his team provided an outstanding experience. From the initial consultation, to the day of the procedure, his team was exceptionally kind and professional. I am more than happy with the outcome, and I can now say that I can see 20/20! Thank you so much for changing my life!

5 stars 5
PSA: To all my anyone who have issues with their vision. I hate that I waited so long to have this surgery. A) it was quick (about 10 minutes an eye). B)I saw nothing but a red light the whole time. And Dr. Updegraff walked me thru the whole thing... I never had a sense of fear because of it and a nurse had my hand the hold time. That alone was beyond comforting! C) I honestly had no idea what was happening while this is going on. Just stare at a red light..... D) I had some slight discomfort after I was done but that was due to daylight and the follow up eye drops. E) sleeping pill was awesome . F) waking up and feeling like you got the best new contact subscription of your life - but you didnt.... was incredible. G) its been less than 24 hours. My right eye has no pain whatsoever. My left eye which had a stigmatism has an extremely minor pain to it. Piece of cake. But even that is gone now. H) they give you instructions for everything and when and how and what to do. Beyond professionalism!In short best decision ever! I just wish I would not have been so cowardly to do this 20 years ago.My vision is awesome! After my follow up this morning (surgery was yesterday) I read the 20/20 line. I couldnt even do that with glasses or contacts.And I swear you will never ever witness a place where 100% of the staff was extremely polite and pleasant. From the Receptionist to the Doctors!If youre comptemplating this surgery......dont. You want this and you want to have it here! I promise!Im so happy with the results! Whos next?! (And Im 51.). Best of luck and I hope my review helps inspire more folks to bite the bullet and to not be scared of the hype.. (I know my spouse and my two daughters are now going to do it and its worth every penny!)

5 stars 5
I went to Dr Updegraff for catarac surgery. He is an amazing doctor . The surgery went awesome and I no longer need glasses or contacts. He is a very compassionate doctor. I would highly recommend him to everyone . Then the after care I received from Dr Bane was fabulous he is very caring and takes his time to listen . This place is the best I have ever come to . I'm absolutely thrilled with the care I have received. The office staff is very nice and pleasant. I truly appreciate the cleanliness of the office as well that means a lot. Judy Rowland

5 stars 5
Great staff. He was highly recommended by my eye doctor. Immediately after surgery, I was able to see almost perfectly. After the four hour nap, I can see perfectly with no discomfort. I had to wear glasses/contacts since the 4th grade. I wish I would have been able to do it sooner. Best decision ever!

5 stars 5
Thank you for helping me to see good again. Was easier than I expected.

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