Patient Testimonials

5 stars 5
Great people at this practice - the other day I had something stuck in my eye and was in a ton of pain. I called them at 4pm, having never been there before, thinking there was almost no way they would be able to take me in before the end of the day. They happily accepted me and told me to come in right away. They numbed my eye right when I got there to finally relieve the pressure and the doctor was very helpful and thorough in getting the object out of my eye without any discomfort. Can't recommend them enough!

5 stars 5
Very thorough and the entire team from check in til completion was an absolute joy. This is a best in class practice!

5 stars 5
Great service and staff.Iwas very relax

5 stars 5
I recomend .great place

5 stars 5
Everything went smoothly as silk .. except signing in on the pads. That's a pain

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