Patient Testimonials

5 stars 5
I had an appointment last week at the Updegraff office. The office staff was very kind and welcoming. The best experience was with two people, Chris and Dr. D. Chris was very energetic and informative. He assisted me through their process and explained everything in detail as we went. Towards the end of my free consultation, Dr. D came in. She explained to me that I was not a good candidate for LASIK at this time but, there would be options later on if my eyes requires it. Dr. D was very sweet, informative and professional. As a business owner myself I felt it was important to write a review for this office. I appreciate the kindness of the staff and would highly recommend the Updegraff LASIK facility to anyone. Definitely the place to go for LASIK.

5 stars 5
I've had cataract procedures performed by Dr. Updegraff, with follow-ups performed by another member of his staff, "Dr. D''. All went well, results as predicted. I heartily recommend this professional practice.

4 stars 4
I went in for a followup of my eyelid surgery last week and had to go through the regular office screening which took an hour, before I saw Dr Landry for 5 minutes so she could check my sutures. Too long waiting for the next person to look at me.

5 stars 5
Everything has been great! The staff is fantastic and easy to work with. Pain as been minimal!

5 stars 5
Excellent staff. Dr Updegraff is a genius and a saint.

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