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5 stars 5
I went to Dr Updegraff for catarac surgery. He is an amazing doctor . The surgery went awesome and I no longer need glasses or contacts. He is a very compassionate doctor. I would highly recommend him to everyone . Then the after care I received from Dr Bane was fabulous he is very caring and takes his time to listen . This place is the best I have ever come to . I'm absolutely thrilled with the care I have received. The office staff is very nice and pleasant. I truly appreciate the cleanliness of the office as well that means a lot. Judy Rowland

5 stars 5
Great staff. He was highly recommended by my eye doctor. Immediately after surgery, I was able to see almost perfectly. After the four hour nap, I can see perfectly with no discomfort. I had to wear glasses/contacts since the 4th grade. I wish I would have been able to do it sooner. Best decision ever!

5 stars 5
Thank you for helping me to see good again. Was easier than I expected.

5 stars 5
The staff was great; very knowledgeable. Dr.Updegraff was truly a class act. Not only was he professional, but he was also an empathetic doctor. Hes brilliant, and deserves every award provided to him. It was a wonderful experience. I can see without glasses and I learned a great deal. Thank you!

5 stars 5
Ive been using glasses for years starting in high school and then contacts within the last few years. The glasses were fine, but glasses dont necessarily help with ones peripheral vision. Contacts were fine as well, but those arent the cheapest things around and a hassle to put on and take off then clean them. Not to mention that I also had to keep track of how many times Ive worn them before throwing them out or risk any health complications. That and having to ensure that I was never in an area where dirt, sand, loose debris, etc. could get in my eyes. The Lasik operation itself was seemless. Dr. Updegraff and his staff gave me clear guidance and kept me informed of every step that was occurring. After the operation, they gave me everything I needed for post-op care and clear instructions for those post-op care items. Very professional staff and excellent service.
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