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5 stars 5
Put my cataract surgery off far longer than I should've, out of FEAR. I'm so happy I finally did it. The surgery itself wasn't anywhere near what my fears had made it out to be. It was painless and able to see colors again immediately afterwards. Dr Foster and all of staff from beginning to end were terrific!

5 stars 5
From check-in to check-out nothing but a positive experience

5 stars 5
Had lasik done here years ago and have been coming back ever since. Staff is great, quality of your checkup is top tier. And so many specialists available, should you have a condition requiring one. Absolutely love Updegraff!

4 stars 4
One upside of the pandemic, if there are any, is that it behooves doctors to stick to appointment times and get patients through the visit more expeditiously. Yesterdays visit was the quickest Ive experienced in 20 years of being a patient. Care has always been excellent, but visits usually takes too long. It still it took about an hour and 40 minutes, with 10 minutes with a technician and 10 minutes with the doctor as part of that time. The rest is sitting, waiting.

5 stars 5
The staff takes time to complete their assessment so that the physician can make his/her diagnosis and plan of action. The wait time has improved.

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