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5 stars 5
Updegraff is one badass doctor! His team is tremendous and 100% professional.
5 stars 5
I can see!!!! Dr. Updegraff and his amazing staff were great from start to finish. I would highly recommend them for anybody in the Tampa area looking for LASIK. Thank you all so much.

5 stars 5
I wish I can be writing about my amazing results and vision after having one of the vision procedures Dr.Updegraff offers. Unfortunately, that review I can not give, but I can give something better.Dr. Updegraff is hands down one of the most experienced eye surgeons in the area and one of the best. I had my first consult a few weeks ago with Dr.Bane who is excellent by the way. I am nearsighted with astigmatism which can be treated often even in extreme cases such as mine ... over -7 both eyes. Anyways , I did all the fun test had my eyes super dilated and Dr.Bane went over my result. My corneas were really thin but since I have been wearing contacts for 2 decades he wanted me to go glasses only a little bit longer and give the test another try and follow up with Dr.Updegraff. Visit 2 comes... and here is where you know this is a practice you can trust... my corneas are thinner than normal. Yes could I possibly have prk from somewhere else .. probably. He would not do it. He said I have healthy eye now that can tolerate glasses and contacts and he felt like it wasn't worth the risk. He also alerted me on other issues I could possibly face in the future.To me it speaks volumes when you find a Dr that is not only excellent at when he does, but also truly cares about doing right by his patients. You need a Dr that knows when to turn patients away for their best interest . Plus the 2 visits and all the time both Dr.Bane and Dr.Updegraff spent with me was all part of the free consult. I couldn't be more grateful for their honesty and I'm so happy I trusted them with my eyes !!!!On a side note my mother had vision at -9 and Dr. Updegraff did her eyes 9 years ago and she had amazing results and her vision is still great!

5 stars 5
Went here, did an Eye appointment, got Glasses in a couple days.. only costed $20 after insurance. Pretty good.

5 stars 5
Dr. Updegraff did amazing work! Went for my free consult, took about an hour and a half and I was told I was a perfect candidate. Scheduled my procedure for the very next week. I showed up for the procedure, received a 15% discount for working in the medical field, and paid out of pocket despite the payment plan option (no interest!) Surgery was quick, I went home and napped like you're supposed to and woke up with 20/15 vision! 2 months later and I'm still amazed!!!

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