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Two years ago, one of Dr. Stephen Updegraff‘s patients recorded his entire experience with LASIK at Updegraff Vision in a series of blog posts. You can find the first two parts, No More Excuses and Why Dr. Updegraff, in previous posts.

I really don’t know where to begin, for once I am at loss for words. It has been two days since my surgery, and my vision is 20/15. I haven’t seen this well since I was 8.

I still go into the bathroom at night and start taking my contacts out only to realize that they are not in, old habits are hard to break. I wake up in the morning and am startled by the fact that I can see clearly. The first couple of days after the surgery are filled with eye drops after eye drops, but my mind gets past that and is still trying to figure out how I can see so well.

All my apprehensions about the surgery were unfounded. “What if I move my eyes during surgery and my vision will be ruined forever?” “What if I freak out during surgery?” These were some of the questions that I was asking myself before the surgery. Dr. Updegraff and his staff helped me get these questions out of my mind. It is funny how your mind tries to sabotage the positive things that you are doing.

The surgery itself seemed to be very quick, the actual time under the laser for the reshaping and for the flap was less than 45 seconds for both eyes. I purposely chose not to take the sedative, which Dr. Updegraff told me is something that about 9 out of 10 patients do. I am not a big fan of sedatives.

I experienced no pain at all and very little discomfort, and the whole staff at Updegraff Vision made my experience fantastic. Everyone was focused on my comfort and putting me at ease. There was music playing in the surgery room and I had a lovely assistant holding my hand during surgery.

I know that I talked about all the reasons that I chose Dr. Updegraff before I had the surgery, and those things have not changed. However, I also have new reasons. My experience was life changing and Dr. Updegraff gave me freedom through the gift of perfect vision.

Those things are priceless.