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Two years ago, one of Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s patients recorded his entire experience with LASIK at Updegraff Vision in a series of blog posts. We published Part 1, No More Excuses, last week. Here is Part 2 of Brody’s story.

I assume that I am like most Americans; I love to get a deal. Taco Tuesdays at Tijuana Flats is my favorite, you get the same tacos that you would any other time but on Tuesdays they are cheaper. I used to treat my outdoor gear the same way, if I could find a deal on a pair of skis or a backpack I would do it until one fateful day. I was trying on backpacks and the gentleman that was helping me would put 30lbs of bean bags in each of the packs trying to give me the feel of carrying camping gear. All the packs I was trying on were the cheaper backpacks and most of them felt about the same. The gentlemen suggested that I try on the new Arc Teryx pack that was more expensive than the others. I reluctantly agreed and as I put the pack on it felt different. The load felt lighter, it fit my back perfectly and I could move almost like I had nothing on my back. Then the guy that was helping me out informed me that he had snuck an extra 7 lbs in the pack. I was floored and it really changed my perspective on my gear forever. You really get what you pay for. I purchased the pack and have fondly enjoyed all of my backpacking trips since.

What do tacos and backpacks have to do with choosing Dr. Updegraff as my LASIK surgeon? In my mind everything. There are certain things in life that it is OK to get a deal on and there are other things in life that you need to have the best. I believe that vision is the most important of the 5 senses. I could do my job without hearing or without being able to taste but I could not perform my job without my sight. If I want the best backpack why would I not want to have the best for my precious sight?

I could list all of the accolades that Dr. Updegraff has achieved like being the first doctor in Florida to perform LASIK or that he was the third person to perform it in the US or that he has 5 patents in the LASIK procedure or that he is an educator that travels the world to lecture to other eye surgeons about LASIK. I could go there but those are just facts and only part of the reason I chose him. The main reason that I chose him is that I trust him. I have developed a great relationship with him and the more I learn about him the more I trust him. He has been there through my whole process and there is not another person that I would want to handle my vision.

It is up to you. You can clip coupons out of the newspaper to get a discount on LASIK and buy one get one free Lucky Charms, or you can go to the expert that other doctors send their difficult cases to.

Just remember you get what you pay for.

I am going to the expert.