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Jaydee, a dentist, is one of Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s LASIK patients. She had LASIK with Dr. Updegraff last fall, and she’s thrilled with her results – so much so that she recommended Updegraff Vision to her mother, who then had Crystalens IOLs with Dr. Updegraff. Recently, Jaydee spoke with us about her LASIK experience with Dr. Updegraff.

Before you had LASIK, you needed contacts and glasses. How long had you been wearing them prior to your surgery?

I had been wearing contact lenses for 20 years.

And how did your dependence on them affect your life?

Sports were definitely affected. I like to swim, but when I had my contacts on, it was really uncomfortable to swim with my eyes closed. Putting makeup on was another challenge.

What made you first consider getting LASIK?

Being sick and tired of wearing contact lenses.

Why did you choose Dr. Updegraff as your LASIK surgeon?

I knew about his good reputation. I spent countless hours researching the procedure. As soon as I met Dr. Updegraff, I knew he was my surgeon.

How was your mother’s experience? Did you recommend she come?

My mother had better-than-expected results. Yes, I absolutely recommended Dr. Updegraff. She had already seen how wonderfully my surgery had turned out.

You’re a medical professional yourself. Did your background have any impact on your decision to have LASIK, or your experience at Updegraff Vision?

As a dentist, I depend on my eyes, and the ability to see closely is paramount. I work in a very small world, just like Dr. Updegraff. Making the decision to have the surgery was no easy task. If the procedure left me with my vision impaired, my wonderful career and livelihood would be over. Dr. Updegraff and his staff made my decision easy.

And having LASIK changed the way I work. I can work longer hours. With contacts, fatigue sets in pretty early, so now I’m not uncomfortable late in the day like I was before. And my eyes aren’t irritated anymore, which is great.

Do you have any advice to prospective patients who are interested in having LASIK?

Don’t wait too long to do it. It’s a wonderful procedure. Definitely follow the instructions as indicated by the office professionals.

I would recommend LASIK with Dr. Updegraff to everyone. I recommended the procedure to two of my colleagues, and they followed suit. I am very happy. I would love for everyone else to be as happy as I am, and to be able to enjoy life without prescription glasses.