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Last week, we answered five questions about LASIK that patients frequently ask Dr. Stephen Updegraff. Here are 5 more commonly asked questions we hear at Updegraff Vision:

1. How important is your LASIK surgeon’s background and experience?

Your doctor’s experience is the most important factor when it comes to having LASIK surgery, and is critical to ensuring you have a successful outcome. Dr. Updegraff has been performing LASIK surgeries every week for more than 15 years, so it’s hard to find another surgeon anywhere in the world who has done more procedures. Nearly a decade ago, he introduced all-laser LASIK to Tampa Bay – when corporate centers still dubbed the technique a “gimmick” – meaning he has performed more all-laser LASIK procedures than any other surgeon in the region. Additionally, Dr. Updegraff is fellowship-trained in laser eye surgery, and he has earned seven patents for tools and techniques used in LASIK and microsurgery of the eye.

2. Does Dr. Updegraff offer a “lifetime guarantee” for LASIK?

LASIK is a permanent and lasting procedure that will not need to be redone every few years. Dr. Updegraff himself had LASIK more than 15 years ago, and his vision is still 20/20. He has learned from his extensive experience with all-laser LASIK that it is difficult to do a retreatment procedure after one year of healing; therefore, it is imperative for patients to attend all of their post-op appointments so that, if deemed necessary, any touch-up work may be done promptly. Because Updegraff Vision is a private practice and Dr. Updegraff firmly believes in a strong doctor-patient relationship, our services prevail over the “guarantees” of larger corporations, which are often burdened with fine print.

3. How soon can I fly or drive after LASIK?

Dr. Updegraff has performed LASIK on many patients who fly in from around the world to have their surgery with him, and they are cleared to fly out the day after their surgery. You will be cleared to resume driving the day after your surgery, as well.

4. Why should I choose LASIK by Updegraff?

You have many choices for LASIK, but if you do your homework, we believe you will choose Dr. Updegraff. Our results are proven, we offer the latest technology – including all-laser, custom Wavefront-guided LASIK with iris recognition – and Dr. Updegraff’s skill and experience are second to none. Most importantly, we will treat you as a VIP and make sure you have not only a great visual result, but a great experience as well.

5. What if I’m not a candidate for LASIK?

You may be disappointed if Dr. Updegraff determines that you’re not a LASIK candidate, but the good news is that you may qualify for other vision correction procedures that reduce or eliminate the need for glasses, including PRK, LRI, ICL, or high-technology lens implants.

What other questions do you have about LASIK?